Why pasta is good for you

March 28, 2024
written by: DezAmore

Why is pasta good for you? In Italy, a question like this is almost an affront. It certainly wasn’t asked by our grandparents who ate pasta every day. And several times a day, for lunch as well as dinner. So with two plates of pasta a day – classic and traditional pasta, made of white flour – the founders of Dez Amore and every member of their generation grew up. That of those in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

The first “pastina” – that’s the name given in Italy to pasta for small children, which is also ideal for broths and soups for adults – is an event to be celebrated by every parent preparing to wean their child. This is why it is necessary to bring clarity to pasta: a dish now often accused of being too calorific by the new dietary regimes.

Why is pasta healthy and puts you in a good mood?

Anyone who eats a plate of pasta will feel better afterwards. More joyous and fuller. Pasta has the gift of immediately putting you in a good mood. A sort of natural anti-depressant that cannot be missing from our daily diet. Also because it is an important food for balance and psycho-physical well-being. The complex carbohydrates it contains, include glucose, which is essential for the brain. This is why pasta promotes concentration. Not only carbohydrates, however: pasta also contains a high amount of protein. It is therefore also beneficial in the case of vegetarian diets.
It would also be healthy to alternate different types of pasta: whole-wheat pasta, for example, has fewer calories than traditional pasta and is richer in protein, magnesium, iron and potassium.

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Pasta is nutrient and boosts energy

Pasta gives everyone a good amount of energy to spend during the day. Essential for every sports lover, it is recommended before a jog. It increases the body’s energy reserve, so it can be spent during the workout.

What to do after eating a plate of pasta?

Today’s sedentary life is not the ideal lifestyle for those who like to consume copious amounts of pasta. An active life, on the other hand, allows you to consume all the energy produced by pasta and to dispose of any excess. A good idea is to follow the behaviour of our grandparents: they used to walk a lot, even after dinner. A nice walk is what you can do after eating a plate of Dez Amore pasta. Because every location offers interesting walks: through the streets of Mayfair (if you are in Mercato Mayfair), along the banks of the Thames (if you are in our two shacks in Canary Wharf) or through the small alleys of Camden Market (if you are in our shack in the iconic and homonymous market, in the Italian Alley). Or in the posh streets of the exclusive Chelsea district (new opening!).

Eating pasta before going to bed

Eating pasta before going to bed is also beneficial. Although most diets indicate that it is best eaten at lunchtime, some new diet plans recommend it in the evening. A great tip, especially for those who suffer from insomnia, as pasta facilitates sleep. And it promotes relaxation and rest at night.

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