The most googled questions about hamburgers: Dez Amore answers

November 5, 2023
written by: DezAmore

The most googled questions around burgers and hamburgers mainly concern their history and origin. A topic we have explored in more detail here. Here, the Dez Amore team is committed to answering all your questions, including those concerning its ingredients and making

How hamburger is made?

The hamburger consists of two soft, slightly crispy buns and a filling of a medallion of ground beef. This is the classic version. To which chicken, veal and vegetarian patty versions have been added. The hamburger can be stuffed with the greatest imagination. He can be enriched with slices of bacon and salad leaves, different kinds of cheese, tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, many different sauces etc. Dez Amore offers gourmet ingredients for its Italian-style burgers: such as pecorino and goat cheese, walnuts, truffles and onions caramelised in Chianti wine.

Are hamburgers from Hamburg?

This question is the key question when it concerns burgers and burgers. Along with the questions “Where was hamburger invented?” and “Where is Hamburger from?”. The name so obviously similar to that of the city of Hamburg, Germany, has always created justified curiosity. And indeed, the origin of burgers is connected with the German city. In the 18th century we read about its existence in cookbooks. In the 19th century, there is mention of a very popular dish in Hamburg, consisting of a flattened beef steak or sausage, cooked in butter and served inside two pieces of bread. It is called hot rundstück. The food, practical and nutritious, became most popular with German emigrants travelling from Hamburg to New York on the Hamburg American Line’s transhipment ships.

Are hamburger patties vegan?

In modern times, the hamburger could not miss having its vegetarian and vegan version. Dez Amore proposes his vegetarian patty, to be stuffed with all the ingredients suggested on our menu. To your taste.

When was the hamburger invented?

The name hamburger was first mentioned in newspapers – from The New York Times to New York Magazine, The Washington Post to New York Tribune – in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although the origins of the stuffed bread sandwich were European and German, in particular, it was the people of New York who christened it with the name that has made it famous forever.

IMG 3337 - Dez Amore

Why is the name hamburger?

Having become the star food on the menus of New York harbour restaurants since the second half of the 19th century, it probably owes its name to the Hamburg American Line. In fact, German emigrants used to arrive from transatlantic ships with the typical sandwich stuffed with beefsteak or sausage. Or the name comes directly from the street food vendors, originally from Hamburg, and known as Hamburgers. 

Can the hamburger be cooked in a crock pot?

The best way to cook a burger meat is directly on a grill. High intensity cooking – as Tuscan tradition suggests especially for beef – is what Dez Amore follows. In our shacks you will see that the chef places cheese, egg and bread on the griddle along with the patty. Cooking with the crock pot is, however, possible at home. Just follow the recipes and instructions.