The history of Burger, from Hamburg and New York to Dez AMORE in London 

April 27, 2023
written by: Veronica Eredi

The heart of Dez AMORE’s cuisine is handmade Italian pasta and classic and gourmet burgers. Italian-style burgers, composed and seasoned with ingredients typical of the Bel Paese and the region of Tuscany, in particular. As we have discovered the history and origins of pasta, let’s find out more about the burger. 

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Hamburgers, when did it first appear and where? 

Although the name burger might suggest that it originated in the city of Hamburg, Germany, there is no certain and documented connection between the sandwich and the German city. In the 18th century, we read about its existence in cookery books. In the 19th century, there is mention of a very popular dish in the city of Hamburg consisting of a flattened beef steak or sausage, cooked in butter and served inside two pieces of bread. It is called rundstück warm. The food, practical and hearty, became the most widely consumed by German emigrants travelling from Hamburg to New York on the Hamburg American Line’s translatant ships.

Where did the hamburger first come from? 

The origin of the burger is probably linked to the city of Hamburg. But it was New York City, and its harbour in particular, in the late 19th century that made the burger the main dish in its restaurants. And to give the dish the name that still belongs to it: hamburger, probably as a tribute to the Hamburg American Line. 


Hamburger, who invented it?

The name and fame of the hamburger are certainly thanks to New Yorkers. Although the sandwich originated in Hamburg. Under the name rundstück warm. Between the late 19th and early 20th century, newspapers such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, New York Tribune were already writing and discussing this new and innovative sandwich called hamburger. 

Why is the hamburger called a hamburger? 

Having become the star food on the menus of New York harbour restaurants since the second half of the 19th century, it probably owes its name to the Hamburg American Line. In fact, German emigrants used to arrive from transatlantic ships with the typical sandwich stuffed with beefsteak or sausage. Or the name comes directly from the street food vendors, originally from Hamburg, and known as Hamburgers. 

Like Italian pasta, the burger is a dish of popular origin. Dez AMORE prepares it with the finest ingredients, to serve you his gourmet version.

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