Pasta, everything you always wanted to know

October 4, 2023
written by: Veronica Eredi

The most searched pasta questions on Google and easy answers from the Dez Amore team.

Ciao Amici, pasta is the dish of the heart in Italy and for Dez Amore’s family. It represents the simplest and most cooked, most loved dish in Italian cuisine. Pasta is life! And in Italy it is a really serious business. To cook it in the right way there are rules to follow. Pasta is also a much searched topic on google. Here, we answer the most googled questions about pasta.

How pasta is made?

Pasta is made from flour, water and salt. The Greek origin of the word means “flour mixed with water and salt.” Sometimes, eggs may be added as for Dez Amore tagliatelle.

How pasta for person?

The ideal portion of pasta per person is subjective. The one that is considered ideal for an adult person is 100 grams (3,5 oz.). Dez Amore’s shacks wanted to go over the top! Offering pasta dishes of 160 grams each (5,6 oz.). And 180 grams for gnocchi (6,3 oz.).

Can pasta go off? 

sh pasta-like that made by Dez Amore-can be stored in the refrigerator for two days. If it is preserved in a vacuum pack it can last up to ten days. Dry pasta (pasta secca o pastasciutta), on the other hand, has a much longer durability and can reach more than two years.

What pasta for Carbonara?

Spaghetti is the type of pasta usually used for Carbonara. Dez Amore chose to use Caserecce. Small rolls of pasta, typical of Sicily, that are able to hold a lot of sauce inside them. The Caserecce make the dish very tasty and rich.

When pasta is overcooked?

Pasta is overcooked when its cooking is prolonged long past the recommended minutes. It is easy to recognize because it becomes soft and sticky. Dez Amore’s cooking of pasta is what is called “al dente”: and is achieved by removing it two minutes before the recommended cooking time. The minutes for cooking the pasta in the boiling water changes depending on the type of pasta. The time is always indicated on the pasta package.

When pasta was invented?

Pasta has been around since ancient times in both China and Italy. However, in different ways, using different raw materials and different processing techniques. So, who invented it? China or Italy, who invented pasta? Pasta, made of wheat flour and water and sometimes eggs, like the one we produce and cook at Dez AMORE, was already widespread in Southern Italy at the time of Magna Graecia and in Central and Western Italy at the time of the Etruscan civilisation. In the tomb of Grotta Bella, in Cerveteri, dating back to the 4th century B.C., a number of reliefs were found depicting tools for making fresh handmade pasta: a pastry board, rolling pin and cutting wheel. The same ones that are still used in Dez Amore’s handmade pasta laboratory. Among classical authors, Cicero, Aristophanes and Horace mention pasta.

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