Amore e fantasia

Pasta, a universally known word, the heart of Italian cuisine. Dez Amore offers a modern version of it: fresh, handmade every day, cut in front of your eyes.

Selected top-quality ingredients are used to make the simple recipe of flour and water. Pasta, love and dreams: the menu offers different types of pasta and different sauces. The most iconic in the Italian tradition and cooked in our Lab in Deptford. To satisfy every palate and every nutritional choice. Vegan included.

Our types of pasta

Long Egg Pasta:


DezAmore Pasta IMG 9609 - Dez Amore
DezAmore Pasta IMG 0653 - Dez Amore
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Short Fresh and Vegan Pasta:

Caserecce, Maccheroni, Gnocchi

Fresh Stuffed Egg Pasta:

Ravioli, Tortellini

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DezAmore Pasta IMG 2942 - Dez Amore
Dez Amore creates, kneads, cuts and cooks, right in front of your eyes, multiple types of pasta. Long pasta such as tagliatelle or short pasta such as caserecce and gnocchi, cooked without eggs.

Stuffed pasta is also on offer. The traditional option: tortellini, filled with meat. A type of stuffed pasta that makes you fall in love at first sight: its shape resembles that of a belly button. Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, on the other hand, also delight vegetarians.

Our iconic sauces

The sauces are the classics of Italian cuisine. Bolognese, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Burro e Salvia, Tartufo etc. Handed down from generation to generation. And cooked, since time immemorial, in the kitchens of our grandmothers and mothers.

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