Eating in a church in London: Dez Amore’s Italian and homemade pasta in Mercato Mayfair

August 28, 2023
written by: Veronica Eredi

London allows you to experience the most amazing things. Living for a few minutes in Carrie Bradshaw’s house from Sex & The City in Piccadilly, doing yoga and pilates inside the Frameless immersive museum in Marble Arch, eating great Italian food inside a big church. Deconsecrated, of course. But finely preserved in its marble floor, its frescoes and paintings, its vaults and arches, its nave and side aisles, its stoups (acquasantiere in Italian). We are talking about St. Mark’s Church on Audley Street in the exclusive and central Mayfair district. A few metres from the entrance to Selfridges and the shop of Oxford Street and in the renowned street where the legendary Audrey Hepburn lived. Here, amidst precious stained glass windows and images of saints and Madonnas, Dez Amore offers homemade Italian pasta cooked in front of customers’ eyes.

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Eating in a church in London

Eating in a church in London is one of those experiences not to be missed. Not only for the uniqueness of the location: a big and beautiful church, very well preserved, deconsecrated in the 1970s and built in 1825. But also for the quality food that the food hall signed Mercato Mayfair and owned by Mercato Metropolitano offers. Many specialities of Italian cuisine, proposed in a genuine version, just as they are cooked in the Bel Paese and available at contained prices. And with full respect for the planet. A reality of Italian and sustainable cuisine, accessible to all, in the luxurious Mayfair district.

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Dez Amore’s homemade pasta in Mercato Mayfair Church

Dez Amore’s handmade pasta in Mercato Mayfair is cooked in front of customers’ eyes. Dez Amore offers a modern version of pasta: fresh, handmade every day, cut before your eyes. Selected top-quality ingredients are used to make the simple recipe based on flour and water. The menu offers different types of pasta (tagliatelle, caserecce, gnocchi), including filled pasta (ravioli). The sauces are the classics of Italian cuisine (Bolognese, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Burro e Salvia, Tartufo etc.), handed down from generation to generation. Portions are among the largest in London. On the menu at the Mercato Mayfair you can find traditional, cult pasta dishes such as Tagliatelle al Tartufo, Caserecce alla Carbonara and Tagliatelle Cacio & Pepe. Watching the Cacio & Pepe being stirred in the large cheese wheel, amidst the arches and stained glass windows, will be an unforgettable experience. The tastiest and most Instagrammable experience.

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