Discovering Tortellini: Dez Amore’s special pasta dish

March 11, 2024
written by: DezAmore

In the kitchen, there is probably no more funny and curious name than Tortellini. A word very difficult to pronounce for anyone who is not Italian and untranslatable. As pasta… Tortellini are small tortelli (from medieval Latin): like a kind of ravioli but much smaller. They are shaped like stuffed rings: they can resemble navels. They are also called Venus navels.

The day to celebrate them is 13 February: National Tortellini Day. The right day to eat them, however, is always. Because they are really delicious! Let’s find out more about their history and Dez Amore’s tortellini recipe.

How Tortellini is made?

Tortellini are made with pasta (made of flour and eggs), rolled out and cut into squares, and stuffed. Tortellini made in Dez Amore’s pasta workshop are filled with meat and Parmesan cheese.

Who invented Tortellini: the history

Tortellini are born in Emilia. A region in Central Italy bordering Tuscany. The place of origin of Simone and Leonardo, founders of Dez Amore. And more precisely in the cities of Bologna and Modena. Traces of their preparation date back to the 12th century. In medieval cooking, the use of enclosing mouth-watering fillings inside sheets of pasta was very common. Tortellini were served on special occasions (such as festivals and weddings) and on holy days like Easter and Christmas.

IMG 0987 - Dez Amore

The legend of the birth of Tortellini

There are many legends about the birth of tortellini. One of the most romantic and sensual gives birth to this dish in Castelfranco Emilia, a town disputed in history by Bologna and Modena. The owner of the Corona locanda looked through the keyhole of the room of a noblewoman, his guest. And he saw her navel. He was so impressed by its beauty that he wanted to reproduce it in a culinary preparation. This explains the curious shape of tortellini.

Are Tortellini dumplings?

Tortellini are very similar to ravioli: in both cases, they are filled pasta. What changes, however, is the shape: while tortellini appear as stuffed rings or navels, ravioli are square. The filling can also change: ravioli are often made with a vegetarian filling of ricotta and spinach. Like the butter and sage ravioli on Dez Amore’s menu.

Are Tortellini healthy?

Tortellini are a practically complete dish. They provide complex carbohydrates that give the body energy and protein all at once. If eaten in moderation, they can be a healthy dish. Certainly with their tastiness, they are a condensation of good cheer. When eaten in soup, they warm the body and are excellent when one is cold or sick.

Tortellini: where to buy in London

In every Dez Amore shack, where the pasta is present, there are also our tortellini. Prepared with love in our workshop, they can be bought fresh (to cook at home). Or in the version available on the menu: Tortellini Lasagna. Tortellini served with a Bolognese sauce mixed with besciamella.

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A gourmet dish!