25 October 2023, it’s World Pasta Day!

October 20, 2023
written by: Veronica Eredi

25 October is a special day for every Italian and pasta lover in the world. In fact, it is World Pasta Day, organised by the International Pasta Organisation and Unione Italiana Food. The dish that identifies a country is celebrated: a symbol of conviviality, love, family, friendship, fine cuisine. Over time, carbohydrate lovers have grown up a lot and pasta is cooked all over the world, including Great Britain. The first World Pasta Day was celebrated in Naples, Italy, in 1998.

The continued and everlasting success of pasta in Italy and around the world is due to its characteristics: a nutritious, economic and versatile dish. The perfect dish for the crisis. Pasta production worldwide has doubled 25 years after the first Pasta Day. Now, it is around 17 million tonnes (data from Il Sole 24 ore, Italy). Italian pasta has a leading role in the world nutrition of the present and the future.

IMG 3108 - Dez Amore

Is it ok to eat pasta every day?

When else but on World Pasta Day can we answer one of the most frequently Googled questions about pasta? How many days a week should I eat pasta? A exact answer does not exist even though more than one in two Italians eat pasta every day. Either during lunch or dinner. The carbohydrates contained in pasta give the body energy. So, there is no contraindication to eating pasta every day.

World Pasta Day, Dez Amore’s special dishes

On the occasion of World Pasta Day 2023, Dez Amore has launched to new recipes. Two dishes that can only be found in some shacks for a limited time. The opening of the Deptford Kitchen Laboratorio has allowed Dez Amore to expand its culinary offering. Continuous production means that fresh pasta made according to traditional Italian cuisine is always available. Special dishes created on Pasta Day by Dez Amore are Caserecce Zucchini Cream (in Metropolitan Market stores) and Maccheroni Amatriciana (for shacks in Camden Market, Canary Wharf and Crate Walthamstow). The last one is a typical dish of Italian cuisine, born in Lazio, in the town of Amatrice. The sauce that garnishes the pasta is composed of guanciale and tomato sauce.

IMG 3105 - Dez Amore